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Frequently Asked Questions about the Scare Park

Moving to Our New Venue
About the Scare Park
Details of the Scare Park Event
Ticket Purchase
Special Events
Rules of the Scare Park
Additional FAQs

» Moving to Our New Venue

Q: Why aren't you at the water park anymore?
A: Our lease at the park ended and we had to find our own place to continue bringing you The Scare Park each October.

Q: Where is the new venue for the Scare Park?
A: 1610 El Camino Real, Atascadero, Ca 93422 @ the all new Viking Event Center.

Q: Your lease ended? I thought that the owners of the waterpark were the ones who were making The Scare Park.
A: Not true. From the first year of The Scare Park in 2009, the entire event was built and created by the current event owner. It is true that the water park owners and the Scare Park owner worked together on it's initial creation. In 2010, the partnership ended and The Scare Park became separate of the park owners. From then on the water park was strictly a venue for the event to be held.

Q: What happened to the attractions that I've seen at the park the past several years?

A: Our new venue has limited what attractions that we're able to bring to you this year. However, we've spent quite a bit more time and effort on our sets to bring you a better quality event. We may not have as many attractions as in the past however we're spending more time on the attractions we have to provide a more immersive experience than we've ever been able to provide before.

» About the Scare Park

Q: What is the Scare Park Halloween Event?
A: The Scare Park is a haunted event with haunted mazes and scare zones all dedicated to being a frightening Halloween celebration.

Q: When is the Scare Park Halloween Event?
A: The Scare Park is open multiple nights over several weekends in October.

Q: What kind of parking is available?
A: The Viking Event Center has a parking lot right next to the event area and parking for the event will be free of charge.

Q: Is the Scare Park handicap accessible?
A: Yes. All the mazes have been designed in accordance with the state of California’s and the city of Atascadero's regulations to be accessible by everyone.


» Details of the Scare Park Event

Q: Is the Scare Park a cheesy pumpkin patch type of event for small children or a scary event for adults?
A: The Scare Park is an elaborately designed event that is intended to be scary and entertaining for teens and adults.

Q: Is the Scare Park appropriate for my small children?
A: No. There are intensely frightening and gory images with live monsters throughout the park. However, we will still permit them to enter the park if you choose to bring them. How you choose to raise your child is not up to us. If they have nightmares, it's all on you. We suggest 13 and up.

Q: What is a "scare zone"?
A: A scare zone is a section of the walkway that has been taken over by monsters.

Q: What is a "haunted maze"?
A: A haunted maze is a themed walk through attraction that has intense scares in narrow hallways or raised platforms.

Q: Will there be food served at the Scare Park?
A: No.

Q: What are we NOT allowed to bring with us to your park?
A: NO COSTUMES!! NO pets! NO weapons! NO outside food! NO outside drinks! NO alcoholic beverages! NO intoxicated guests! NO bad attitudes! BTW, NO COSTUMES!


» Ticket Purchase

Q: Can I use my ticket another night if I don’t use it the night that it is for?
A: No. The ticket you purchase is good ONLY for the night that is printed on the ticket. Sorry.

Q: Can tickets be purchased on the day or do I have to buy them ahead of time online?
A: Tickets can be purchased on the day at the ticket booth. However, there is the possibility of the night that you want to go might sell out or reach capacity.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: Cash, credit/debit cards and cash. We do not accept checks or smiles as payment. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Q: What happens in the case of rain?
A: You get wet. The park will not be open if it rains. If it does rain on the day that your ticket good is for, you will be permitted to use that ticket on another night. Refunds may be given ONLY if it rains on the last night of operation and there are no OTHER days to use your ticket.

Q: May I exit the park, and then return later on the same day?
A: No. Upon exiting the park grounds through the main gate you may not return later that night, so choose wisely!!

Q: Can I get a refund if I get too scared by the Scare Park?
A: Why would we give you your money back for doing our job?! There are "Emergency Exits" throughout our haunted mazes. We won't refund your money. This is a scary event. Be prepared to be scared.

Q: Can I get a refund if I am NOT scared by the Scare Park?
A: No. You paid for your admission ticket, we admitted you into the park grounds, we did what you paid for. Something being scary is an opinion and we do our best to provide a wide variety of themes and scares with the hopes that something will get you. If anything, we hope that our elaborately themed environments that are a departure from your daily life will be enough to be entertaining and keep your interest.

Q: What is a “Skeleton Key Pass – Single Admission” ticket?
A: The Skeleton Key Passes are “front of line service” tickets. If you purchase one, you may cut to the front of the line all night, only on the night that the ticket was purchased and is only valid for a single park admission.

Q: Why should I pay more money for a Skeleton Key Pass?
A: Unlike many haunted attractions around the nation that are typically in a building, with one line, with one haunted attraction and as soon as you exit that one attraction, its over. We are a haunted amusement park. We have multiple attractions around the park resulting in many lines to wait in. If you are one who dislikes waiting in long lines we suggest that you purchase a Skeleton Key ticket and enjoy the park without any lines. This includes the line to enter the park when we open at 7pm.

Q: Do I actually get some sort of key with the Skeleton Key Pass ticket?
A: No. Its just the name that we came up with for the ticket.

Q: What is a season pass?
A: A season pass allows you to enjoy The Scare Park for all of our nights of regular operation and return for all of the nights for one discounted price.

Q: Can I use my season pass on a Special Event?

A: No. Special events are separate from the regular show schedule. Please check our calendar to see which nights are regular show nights and which are private/public special events.

Q: If I buy a season pass, can I give it to a friend/family member to use?
A: No. When you buy a season pass you will be issued a souvenir season pass plastic card with your photo, name and current year printed on it. If the person in the photo and the person using the card doesn't match, the season pass cannot be used.



» Special Events

Q: I keep hearing about these special events at the Scare Park, what are they?
A: This year the Scare Park has been offering additional days to our run schedule to businesses, organizations or private individuals as a special event, company picnic, fundraiser or private party. Please check with the group that is hosting the special event to learn more about what their event is about.

Q: Will special event tickets be available for purchase at the door on the day of the event?
A: Maybe. The ability to purchase a ticket at the door on the day for a special event is entirely up to the group that is hosting the event. Please check with them.

Q: I have a ticket for the Scare Park (for the 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27, 28, 30, or 31) and I would like to use it on one of the special events. Can I use it for that event?
A: No. The general admission ticket is only good for the date that it is printed. To attend a special event you must buy a ticket from the group that is distributing them.

» Rules of the Scare Park

Q: Can I dress up in a Halloween costume and come to the Scare Park? I mean, it is a Halloween event after all.
A: NO. This event features actors in costume. To avoid confusion we require that guests DO NOT arrive in costume. Besides, you're paying admission for US to dress up and entertain YOU, not the other way around. Additionally we request that you don’t wear any open toed shoes, so please don’t wear sandals or any heels.

Q: After I go through the mazes do I have to leave the park grounds?
A: No. The Scare Park will be open from 7pm-10pm. However much time you spend in the park is up to you. The park is "free roam". You are welcome to go through the mazes and scare zones as many times as you please during our hours of operation. So hang out, get scared until you can’t take it anymore; enjoy all that we’re bringing to you for this event!!

Q: May my child go to the Scare Park alone?
A: Children the age of 17 or younger MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult (18 or older) or an adult guardian at ALL TIMES. The Scare Park is not a babysitter, unattended small terrified crying children will be placed in the cage with the walking undead and fed to them as their dinner. Any groups of children trying to buy admission tickets without an adult present will be REFUSED admission. As well as any groups of children discovered in the park without an adult present will be escorted out of the park and instructed to arrange for a ride home. DO NOT DROP A VAN FULL OF TEENAGERS OFF AT THE FRONT GATE or BUY TICKETS FOR EVERYONE; GET THEM INTO THE PARK AND LEAVE. THEIR ACTIONS AND BEHAVIORS ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AND YOU NEED TO BE THERE TO INSURE THAT THEY ARE BEHAVING LIKE CIVILIZED HUMAN BEINGS.

Q: May I attend the Scare Park if I am intoxicated and this is a stop of during our night of Halloween partying?
A: No. If you are intoxicated we will not permit you on the premises.  If you have been drinking alcohol and you come to our event that is still considered public intoxication and you are breaking the law.  We have had a few difficult situations arise from intoxicated guests being aggressive  or violent so the answer is a very strict no.  You might end up being arrested.

Q: Can I yell obscenities, racial slurs, or aggressive sexual comments at the actors or employees at the Scare Park?
A: No. This is a very serious rule for you to break. If you break it, you will be escorted out of the park. If you have a season pass it will be revoked. Do not break this rule, we will not be nice to you about it if you do, as far as we're concerned, you've given up any reason for us to be nice to you if you are being disrespectful of us and our employees.



» Additional FAQs

Q: I have been going to the Scare Park for all 4 previous years and I don’t have any souvenirs from going to this event, will there finally be any souvenirs for me to take home from my experience?
A: Yes! We are looking into several different items that will allow you to have something to take home from then Scare Park event. One such item will (hopefully) be souvenir photos from different locations in the park.

Q: What are the icons on the different attraction pages?
A: See below for each description:

Scare Park attractoin has photo ops/photo souvenir The Scare Park attraction has photo ops and/or photo souvenir available.

Scare Park attraction has horror theme with blood and/or gory element The Scare Park attraction has horror theme with blood and/or gory elements.

Scare Park attraction has a water feature that might get you wet The Scare Park attraction has a water feature that might get you wet.

Scare Park attraction has strobe lights and/or similar feature The Scare Park attraction has strobe lights and/or similar features that might affect individuals with sensitive medical conditions.

Q: How can I work at the Scare Park?
A: Please contact us at or send us a message through our application form.

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